THE TEENAGER suspected to have killed a drugs runner in Basingstoke was found slumped against a road sign in Oakridge with a stab wound, a court has heard.

Terence Maccabee is accused of killing Taylor Williams in Shooters Way last August.

Winchester Crown Court heard on Friday how the 19-year-old sustained injuries in the altercation inside Kingfisher House that lead to Mr Williams's death, and staggered to nearby Normanton Road.

It was here that two women came across the injured man, and took him back to their house where they called an ambulance, according to DC Matthew McCarthy.

They told officers that Maccabee, who told the women he was called Terry, said that he had been stabbed.

The court heard last week that he was rushed to Southampton General Hospital where he told police that he had been "jumped in an alley".

When DC McCarthy arrived at the scene at around 1am, three hours after the fight in Kingfisher House, he found a Sainsbury's carrier bag on the floor, containing the blood stained jacket and t-shirt of Maccabee, who is from Southwark.

The court also heard from PC Mark Arnold, who searched that property on Normanton Road two days later where he found a Tesco carrier bag containing trainers placed in wheelie bin. Prosecutor Sarah Jones QC told the jury that the white laces had red spots splashed on them.

As well as the murder of Taylor Williams, who was 18 at the time, Maccabee is charged with robbery, conspiracy to rob and knife possession charges.

Olamide Soyege, 26 of Dagenham stands accused of the same offences, whilst Basingstoke woman Paige Taylor, 24, is charged with robbery and conspiracy to rob.

Friday marked the end of the second week of their trial at Winchester Crown Court, expected to continue for another 2-3 weeks.

The jury was also told how multiple key players of two major drugs lines were located around Oakridge and Popley on the evening of August 31, 2019.

A cell site analysis - which involves looking at which mobile telephone mast phones are connecting to - revealed that numbers belonging to both the Ray network, operated by Taylor Williams, and the Coco line were present in the area at the time, as well as key player Soyege and a number that Ms Jones claimed was associated with Maccabee. Tana Adkin QC, defending for Maccabee, said that this was disputed.

The trial continues. The trio deny all charges.