HALLOWEEN is next weekend which means it is time to get into the spooky season.

The nights are about to get darker as the clocks go back, making it the perfect time for a frightful night away.

Various creepy and dark places can be visited in Hampshire, for a price, if you fancy trying you luck.

From green ladies to ghosts that sink into floorboards, here are some of Hampshire’s eeriest and most haunted places to stay.

The Bear Hotel, Havant

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This hotel dates back to 1795 and is a former coaching inn.

It is said to be haunted by the ghost of the housekeeper who died in room 22.

Residents claim she is often seen sitting up by the edge of the bed or heard walking down the corridor she is among three ghosts that have reportedly been sighted at the hotel.

The Angel & Blue Pig, Lymington

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this 13th century in is one of Lymington’s oldest and has more recently been reincarnated as a gastro pub complete with boutique bedrooms.

According to the book haunted Inns of England by Jack Hallam there have been sightings of a ghost in this hotel.

They believe the shadowy figure to be a coach driver and he is reportedly a tall grey-haired naval figure who haunts the bar area.

Dolphin Hotel, Southampton

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This Grade 2 listed hotel has stood in the heart of the city’s Old Town since 1751.

Parts of the hotel are medieval and, with its vaulted cellars and creaky passageways - a perfect location for ghost hunting.

The hotel’s most active ghost appears to be the apparition of a young chambermaid named, Molly.

The story goes that Molly killed herself after her affections were spurned by a cruel young man she fell in love with.

Molly has been witnessed wandering the halls of the hotel with her legs stuck below floor level.

The White Hart, Andover

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Weary travellers have been well served here since 1617 including a royal visit by Charles 1. The warped wooden pillars as well as photos of bygone Andover add some

The olde worlde atmosphere is apparent here with warped wooden pillars and creaking doors.

Visitors are urged to look out for a tall green lady who can be seen gliding along an upstairs corridor in the dead of night.

A male companion has also been spotted here, the ghost has been described as "not quite white, but semi-transparent".

No one has ever discovered the identities of the two ghouls and it is not know why they haunt this hotel.