The second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic has been caused by conflicting Government policies, not enforcing face masks, and irresponsible public behaviour.

Mostly, students and adults of working age have been ignoring the Government guidelines.

The number of, particularly, teenagers and men entering local shops and supermarkets without face masks, unchallenged by staff, avoiding sanitisers or respecting social distancing, despite being imposed by the Government, is still high and not all supermarket employees follow the guidelines.

The reality is that incomes and future prospects will be affected and career options will be limited as less companies survive the pandemic.

Until a vaccination is found this second wave is likely to overwhelm the NHS and as a result routine treatments and operations will again be cancelled and the death rates will escalate.

Why has Britain been lagging behind the rest of Europe using face masks and why hasn’t the Government imposed face masks on secondary school students?

Jeannette Schael, Crookham Close, Tadley