A RESIDENT in Eastrop was given a fright at the weekend when a hot air balloon passed low over her rooftop.

Tina, who lives on Eastfield Avenue, was cooking when she spotted the balloon flying low over the town at around 5pm on Sunday.

She told The Gazette she was ready to run out of her house.

"We are on Eastfield Avenue and when we were outside the balloon went over the houses towards the commons, not sure where it landed - hopefully not on someone's roof!"

And she wasn't the only one, Camera Club member Peter Mcdonnell also spotted the balloon flying low over the town, capturing this picture.

A South Ham resident also spotted two balloons flying overhead on Sunday afternoon.

“I was in a bit of daze and was really surprised when I looked up and saw two colourful hot air balloons flying quite low over the houses above me.

"It was a bit of a grey afternoon but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them that close before so it was pretty amazing - I was very tempted to give them a wave!”