Have you got a doorbell or other CCTV camera?

If so, Hampshire Constabulary want your help after a recent spike in crime across Basingstoke.

The police are asking anyone that has camera coverage on their property to register it with them, so they can contact you to ask for you to share the footage should they need it.

They say that CCTV plays a "huge role" in investigating a crime, adding: "Your camera could capture an offender's face, their vehicle registration, and their movements before and after they have committed a crime, as well as help investigators build a timeline of the incident.

"Every camera registered could help catch a criminal," the message from PC Willsher reads on the Basingstoke Cops Facebook page.

The force say that they have seen a recent increase in crime, including dog thefts, vehicle crime, anti-social behaviour and drug dealing.

The Digital Evidence Management System, run by Basingstoke Neighbourhoods Policing Team, asks residents to register their camera online, providing the area that it covers as well as contact information should the police need to ask a resident to send them some footage.

If they need the footage, they will text or email residents to outlining what is required, including a link to upload that to.

But, they say it does not affect privacy, adding: "Participation is 100 per cent voluntary.

"Your cameras are private and you are under no obligation to send the requested footage.

"Any information shared to police will be handled in accordance with data protection legislation and used only for a policing purpose.

"If you live in and around Basingstoke I would strongly urge you to share this message.

"Every camera registered increases our investigative opportunities and our chances to catch offenders.

"It could be your camera that captures the key piece of evidence needed."

To join the scheme or for further information, email nicedemssupport@hampshire.pnn.police.uk.