SHOCKING accounts of Basingstoke have been posted on the satirical website 'iLiveHere'.

The scathing reviews describe the town as "Hell on Earth" and  a “breeding tank” for “lower life forms”.

The users certainly do not hold back when it comes to the town's residents either, rudely taking aim at “parents on the dole” and calling teens “horrible” “townies”.

One outrageous assessments of the town suggests the residents “are so stupid they should all be transported to Antarctica” after picking apart “supposedly responsible adults” who “march into school puffing on a smoke” who then “ask for an ashtray in a no smoking building”.

The added “where the hell were they when brains were handed out”.

Another user disapproved of the town’s amenities calling Basingstoke the “Thatchergrad, Doughnut city” with an “unappealing veneer of concrete” and “p*** poor leisure opportunities”.

The user was equally unimpressed with the public works of art especially the “huge marble phallus shaped sculpture in Wote Street”, they continued to described the town as “chavtastic bliss” where you can “sip overpriced café lattes” till your hearts content.

Having dispatched with their views of the town's amenities they move on to house prices, writing : “I mean who would really want to spend £300K+ on a two bed roomed shoe box with a vista of an NCP car park and Basingstoke Railway Station anyway?”.

They claims the euphuism “you’ve got a face like a wet weekend in Basingstoke” was “coined to encapsulate the utter misery of people unlucky to have to commute to the town for work” and “residents who have to the misfortunate to call Basingstoke home”.

The user wraps up the review by writing residents “claim their birth right to infest the town “ and states that there“seems to be an ever growing number of cheap tracksuit wearing, oxygen thieving, lowlifes taking up room  and the reminders of their visits: graffiti and broken windows seem more and more endemic”.

According to another user McDonalds is “THE evening hangout” for teenagers who “do a runner” from shops with Clearasil products in their pockets.

They continue the shameful review by claiming residents “favourite pastime” is to breed with as many people as possible “enabling” them to secure “large 4 bedroom houses and £40+ K a year tax free and without lifting a finger”.