A map of coronavirus cases across the UK has revealed which areas of Basingstoke and its surroundings currently have the highest rates of infection.

The government map breaks down coronavirus rates into smaller geographic areas, including nations and counties. At a lower level, it breaks them into Middle Layer Super Output Areas, or MSOAs, which are smaller, postcode-linked areas that are used for a range of government statistics.

Areas are colour coded by their rate, with purples and blues being the highest, and greens and yellows the lowest.

In our area, the MSOA with the highest number of cases in the week to October 10, when the latest figures are available, was Hook and Rotherwick, which had 10 cases, a weekly rolling rate of 116.1 cases per 100,000 people.

Kempshott; and South Ham and West Ham, both had the second highest number with eight cases, with Basingstoke Central, Blackdam and Eastrop; as well as Whitchurch and Ashmansworth, next with seven.

Hatch Warren had 6 cases, a rate of 69.7, while Kings Furlong had five, a rate of 59.0.

It’s good news for anyone in Chineham; Winklebury and Rooksdown; Buckskin and Worting; East Oakley and Viables where the map reports the rate as “suppressed,” meaning that there have been no recorded cases in the previous week.

However, given this map is based on data from the previous week, it doesn’t take into account the latest infections, while the infections shown are based on home address.

In the week covered by the data, a number of schools and colleges across our area have reported positive coronavirus tests. On October 13, Everest Community Academy and Queen Mary’s College both said that coronavirus had been confirmed, while Basingstoke College of Technology confirmed its third case on October 14.

As a whole, Basingstoke has reported 93 cases in a week, with a weekly rolling rate of 52.7 per 100,000. The number of cases in the borough have increased by 116.3 per cent since last week.

You can explore the map and look at historic figures by clicking here