A MOTHER who was hit over the head with a crowbar in her home has criticised the police after waiting weeks for them to take DNA samples.

As previously reported, Mamta Mathur was at home in Cromwell Road, South View, with her husband and children on August 28 when the two men attacked her, leaving her bleeding and unconscious.

The 44-year-old said police took DNA samples following the attack, but said she is still waiting for them to take her family’s DNA to rule them out.

She told the Gazette that Hampshire Constabulary is no closer to finding the culprits, explaining: “There’s nothing they have told us about lines of enquiry. I can’t feel safe unless I know what their motive was. What if it was to kill me and my husband and kids? I will continue to feel terrified until it’s solved.”

She added: “It’s a flawed process. These things should have been done within two hours.”

Mamta, who runs two IT businesses, is still recovering from her injuries inflicted on her during the attack and is waiting for a second operation to her elbow.

The mother-of-three previously told the Gazette that she believes her family was targeted because they are Asian, with the intruders mistakenly thinking they had gold.

But she believes the police have accepted that the Asian community is at an increased risk of being targeted, saying: “They are content that if we have gold, it’s our problem.”

She added: “There’s a disconnect. These burglaries are happening on a national level. It’s not just Basingstoke. There has to be a joined-up approach to finding the gangs doing this. Pressure needs to be put on the police to think about connecting with other forces nearby to gather intelligence and use information from petty crimes.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: “We understand this was a very frightening and traumatic experience for the family. This type of burglary is very rare, but we want to assure the family and the community that we take these types of incidents extremely seriously and we will always robustly pursue every line of enquiry.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to go into further detail because this is a live investigation. However, officers are in contact with the family on a regular basis to keep them updated and to offer crime prevention advice.”