School teachers will be educated by Hampshire County Council on views around racial slurs.

An officer from the authority is working to “help to educate staff” at The Vyne School after teachers repeated a racial slur in front of students.

The situation prompted protests from pupils who called on the headteacher Nicola Pearce to apologise.

Students said the school has acted following their demonstration on Monday.

One said: “In class yesterday, we were shown a PowerPoint which told us the next steps our school would be taking.

“The areas highlighted in the protest would be investigated as to how they could improve them.

“[This included] more teacher to student communication on reported incidents and how they are being dealt with.

"A meeting held to give an opportunity for students who have been subject to racial abuse or had slurs used against them to speak up about their experiences.

“School teachers are now working with Hampshire County Council officer who will help educate them on our views surrounding slurs and other stuff.

“We were also shown a written apology at the end of the day and were told there will be a video from the headteacher possibly by the end of the day tomorrow apologising and explaining things in more depth.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: “We have liaised with the school and the governing body about this issue and our understanding is that the allegations that were made have since been withdrawn by the pupils concerned.

“We are aware that, when the allegations were first raised, the Headteacher wrote to all parents and carers to explain the school’s position and we are satisfied that she and the staff at the school have acted appropriately in this regard.

“We appreciate that the issues raised, as a result of the allegations, are highly emotive and we agree that it is important that any suggestion of disrespectful and offensive behaviour is investigated. Any parents or carers who are dissatisfied should follow the school’s complaints procedure.”