HAMPSHIRE is one of the worst affected areas in the county for power cuts, according to new data.

The county is the fifth worst affected area for disruptions to power supply according to figures from Uswitch, a comparison and switching service, which show it had 195 power outages in a month.

The average length of power cuts in Hampshire was 7.2 hours.

The worst hit region, with 385 power cuts in a month, was Norfolk, followed by Cornwall, Shropshire, and Wiltshire coming fourth.

According to Uswitch, research from Ofgem shows that Scottish and Southern Electricity networks have reported that more than half of their customers’ electricity is interrupted, losing 51 minutes of electricity on average per year.

The company’s report also reveals that one in five of us don’t know how to respond during a blackout, with nearly a third of those surveyed saying they aren’t prepared for one either.

It has offered advice on what to do if you experience a power cut, which includes charging your phone in your car in case you need to get in touch with family, friends or work; turn off appliances such as fires and cookers in case electricity is restored when you’re out; and insulate food to keep it cool.

Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at Uswitch, said: “From being cold if without central heating in winter, to not being able to cook food for your family - if households are left without electricity for long periods of time, a series of problems can start to arise. That's why it's important to follow the tips from Uswitch - especially if you’re in one of the worst-affected areas.”

She added: “If you’re one of the 22 per cent of Brits that experienced a power cut this year, it’s easy to forget to do things, such as turn off cookers and hair straighteners, especially if you’re mid-way through using them when a blackout occurs.”

You can see how power cuts affect this area by viewing this map.