An investigation is underway after reports of racism at The Vyne School.

Headteacher Nicola Pearce confirmed the school was examining claims a student went unpunished after saying he wanted to join the army to “kill all the *******”.

It comes after students protested yesterday about the school’s handling of a recent account of racism and the teachers' use of a racial slur.

Ms Pearce and other members of staff referred to the racial slur during a discussion about why a white pupil wasn't punished for saying the word. 

In a letter to parents, Ms Pearce said her words were “taken out of context”.

In a statement to The Gazette, the headteacher said: “This school does not support racism or any form of disrespectful behaviour nor do we tolerate bullying.

“We will always take any allegations seriously and investigate them thoroughly, taking appropriate action.

“As clearly stated in my letter to parents and carers, conversations with students have been shared out of context and the implication that I condone the use of any language which is racist or in any way derogatory or abusive could not be further from the truth. 

“I can confirm that having made further inquiries into the matter today, the students who made the allegations have admitted that they were wrong and there was no allegation to make. 

“The details of any pupil exclusion are necessarily confidential between the school, the pupil and their family.

“With regards to the further complaint that has been raised, I will not comment on this, other than to confirm that we are investigating.”

Hampshire County Council and Ofsted have been contacted for comment.

As previously reported, concerns were raised by multiple sources about recent incidents as the school.

One education source told The Gazette a male pupil who spoke about wanting to join the army to “kill all the ragheads” was not sanctioned for his language.

Mrs Pearce said they couldn’t comment but an investigation is underway.

In a separate incident, a pupil of colour was suspended after confronting a pupil for using a racial slur.