Police have asked Basingstoke residents to be vigilant against rogue traders after a couple of recent reports in the area.

Basingstoke Police said they had received reports from South Ham and Hatch Warren of doorstep scams, “whereby persons have attempted to complete work, such as cutting hedges and cleaning driveways. “

They said: “Unfortunately these types of scams are targeted at our elderly neighbours, whereby the scammer will quote a reasonable price to begin with but then charge and ask for more money when the work is completed. Often using intimidating behaviour to make residents feel like they cannot say no.

“Bearing this in mind, we ask that the Basingstoke community look out for and keep an eye on our elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

“If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable about a situation then please call us on 101 or in case of an emergency 999. You can also report any fraudulent activity to http://www.actionfraud.org.uk/.”

Age UK recommends a number of steps that can be taken to protect yourself from doorstep scams, including putting up a deterrent sign or nominating a neighbour to check people calling around to your house.

More information about this type of crime can be found at https://www.hampshire.police.uk/police-forces/hampshire-constabulary/areas/campaigns/2018/doorstep-criminals/