THE DRIVER of the car that destroyed a bus stop in Popley last week was over the drink-drive limit, police have said.

The 29-year-old man from Basingstoke has not been arrested and is being dealt with voluntarily, a spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary told The Gazette.

As previously reported, the Vauxhall Zafira hit a lamp post and bus stop, flipped and landed on its roof on Popley Way last Tuesday night.

It caused major damage and shut the road near to Tewkesbury Close for a number of hours as the driver and passenger were treated, and the car was uprighted.

The driver suffered a serious injury to his hand and was taken to hospital.


Now, police have revealed that he also provided a positive breath test for alcohol.

"The investigation will progress without him being arrested and booked into custody, it looks as though the plan is to interview him in a voluntary interview," a spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said.

Officers were called to the scene just after 11.30pm on Tuesday, September 29, with two fire engines also called to attend.

The bus stop was left completely destroyed, with glass and debris scattered across the pathway on Wednesday morning.

Additionally, SSEN were in attendance after the damage to the lamp post.

One resident of Pershore Road, Hilley Cush, heard the crash from her living room, and immediately ran outside.

She saw the mangled remains of the bus stop before turning around the corner to see the Zafira on its roof, before screaming.

"The bang was so loud and it is so spooky and disturbing hearing how quiet the road was and you could just hear these men in pain," Hilley told The Gazette.