A DEVELOPMENT of 2,500 homes at Upper Swallick and building 160 homes on the Camrose stadium have been included in an early draft of the new local plan.

The borough council have this week opened consultation for the local plan update, with controversial developments included in the draft 'promoted sites' document.

Included in the document are 72 houses being promoted at Bishops Green Cottage, between Kingsclere and Newbury and 18 homes to the west of Dellands Lane in Overton.

There are two new developments listed in Tadley - for 400 homes at Church Brook Farm and 80 at Rectory Close - and Old Basing could see 7,000 new homes.

Meanwhile, 77 hectares of land at Popham Airfield could see 1,500 homes built and 350 homes could replace Weybrook Park Golf Club near Rooksdown.

Oakdown Farm is also included on the list as a promoted site for employment - with an planning application currently in place for the Basingstoke Gateway warehouse development.

The sites have all been promoted by landowners and developers after the council issued a call for sites in 2019 - where 230 such potential sites were submitted.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has not made any decisions on these sites - and they may not currently have planning applications or ever will - but are included for the public to give feedback on whether they are suitable locations for development.

The Camrose stadium is listed as being a site that does not have policy constraints, and the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Asessment (SHELAA) states: "There is a presumption in favour of development on these sites."

Two planning applications for a care home and apartments on the historic football stadium were rejected by councillors last week, with members of the development control committee saying it presented an overdevelopment of the area.

Additionally, South Ham's ward councillors said that the flatted development is out of keeping with the area.

Meanwhile, the proposal for new homes at Upper Swallick, south of the M3, has attracted fierce criticism since it was first revealed earlier this year.

In June, Viscount Lymington and the Trustees of the Portsmouth Settled Estates submitted a concept document to BDBC which outlines its goal to create thousands of homes on estate land around Farleigh Wallop.

A message from the proposal read: "To be known as 'Upper Swallick Garden Community' the concept document proposes up to 2,500 homes, retail and employment and associated infrastructure.

Cabinet member for planning, infrastructure and the natural environment, Cllr Mark Ruffell, said: "It is important that, even at this very early stage of updating the local plan, people who live and work in the borough give their thoughts on the important issues we need to consider when deciding how it is developed in the future.

"We need a strong framework in place that protects our borough and its environment from random development and creates the kind of place we want this to be.

“I encourage everyone to take the time to look through the issues and options we have identified and to put forward their views to help shape how the borough should be developed over the next 20 years.”

The review is currently at the issues and options consultation stage, with a draft plan set to be put out for consultation in the winter of 2021.

The plan is due to be submitted in June 2023 for the Planning Inspector to review, before an estimated adoption date by the authority in the spring of 2024.

It will be valid for the period until 2038, hence it is an important way for residents to say how they want the future of Basingstoke and Deane to look.

Some of the other areas of large-scale development in the borough includes:

South west Basingstoke

Much has been made of development on the A30 corridor - and the new promoted sites document reflects that.

With Hounsome Fields, Basingstoke Golf Course and Kennel Farm all receiving planning permission, there's likely to be further development with 9,500 homes planned across two sites (including Manydown South) that stretches from North Waltham to Kempshott, Buckskin and Worting and incorporates the rumoured home of a new hospital.

Additionally, land has been set aside for employment use at Oakdown Farm and Peak Copse.

Old Basing, Sherfield-on-Loddon and Whitchurch

The document shows that Old Basing is also set to be hit by the new development, with five sites included totalling over 7,000 homes.

They include Lodge Farm, Poors Farm, land south of Newnham Lane, land north of London Road and Hodds Farm.

Fifteen sites are listed for development around Sherfield-on-Loddon, which include three separate options for developing Breach Farm.

The largest site in the area is 274 homes proposed at Sherfield Hill Farm.

Meanwhile Whitchurch sees nine developments included in the proposed sites document, with up to 2,500 homes.

This includes more than 800 at Newbury Road and near to Southfield Farm.