April 20, 2020

Dear Editor,

I have been meaning to put pen to paper for a few weeks. I am unable to go online. 

It is vitally important that I and my family extend our sincere gratitude to the local hospital, paramedics and indeed people everywhere who unselfishly care for others.

Without my family, friends and neighbours, I would be a lost soul not knowing how I would cope.

In particular, I wish to thank MR and Mrs Keen and their two daughters Charlotte and Lucy. Form the start of the lockdown, Mrs Keen ha cooked a meal once a week for myself and other neighbours.

Charlotte and Lucy have taken my dog Jessie for walks which we both appreciate enormously.

It does the soul good to realise just how many good and kind people there are.

Thank you so much, all of you.

With eternal gratitude, 

Vida Cummings 

Owing to Covid restrictions, The Gazette has only just been able to collect our lockdown post.We will be publishing the letters in this week's paper as part of a special 'lockdown letters' series.