A RESIDENT in Brighton Hill has described her frustration at being passed between organisations after a severely blocked road drain caused flooding in her home.

Charlotte Leckie, of Bach Close, says that a slight decline in the road means all of the street’s water and dirt collects at the drain outside her home.

“Over the years it has filled up with leaves, debris, and god knows what else. It is very full of rotting vegetation,” she said.

Earlier in the year, when the rain was very heavy, Charlotte began the process of trying to get something done about it. She says that the borough council escalated it to Sovereign Housing, who then passed her to Thames Water, who passed her back to the borough council.

She is currently in regular communication with Sovereign Housing, but still has no update as to when the blockage will be resolved.

“I have been trying for what must be two months now. I do not think that they have ever actually accepted responsibility. We have had several conversations. I have sent them pictures and I have described in detail how to get there,” she said.

The nature of the drain means it would be impossible for Charlotte to unblock it herself.

“For a start I wouldn’t even know where to begin with removing the lid of the drain. It is like a well - I could probably scrape away a little but it’s far too deep.”

During the period of heavy rain last month, the water level outside Charlotte’s home became so high that she and her husband were unable to enter their home through the back door, and the water came into their porch.

“My husband went out today [Thursday, September 24] and we had some really heavy rain while he was out. When he got back, the road was just a puddle so he couldn’t get into the house. He had to carry the shopping he had bought round to the front of the house. It was either that or wading through a nasty puddle ” she said.

“When we had those days of very heavy rain, everything that was at ground level in our porch had to be thrown out because it was drenched in foul, stinking waters.

“[Sovereign] have done nothing, despite the fact I am chasing on a weekly basis. I just want them to come and unblock it, it’s as simple as that. I told them last week I was escalating it to a complaint.

“We have been lucky we have had a really dry summer but that is going to change, it’s Autumn now.

“What really concerns me is if they come and have a look and say it has nothing to do with them after all, then I have to go through the whole thing all over again.”

A spokesperson from Sovereign said: “We’ve been made aware some residents in Bach Close, Basingstoke have been experiencing some flooding from drains during prolonged spells of wet weather.

“Work has started and we are liaising with our contractor to arrange completion as soon as possible.”