Daddy long legs season is upon us - and residents across North Hampshire are already starting to spot one, two, three or four of the flighty friends in their homes. 

There is good news if you aren't a fan of the Daddy long legs - as experts say it is likely we have already seen a peak in the volume of the seasonal visitors. 

The end of September is the time of year where the crane flies come into our homes to keep warm and look for a mate.

The Daily Mail reports homeowners have been warned to prepare themselves for 200billion of the amorous insects, on the look out for love. 

The urban myth is that Daddy long legs are venomous but this is not true - in fact they can’t even bite.

And while they might appear to overstay their welcome, they won't be around for that long. The average Daddy long legs only lives for ten to 15 days.

The little critters are attracted to light so, to prevent them scuttling in at night it is best to keep windows closed.

It is strongly advised not to kill these creatures as their numbers are in decline and they provide essential food for a number of British bird species.

The numbers this year are thought to have been affected by the hot summer as crane fly larvae also known as ‘leather jackets’ survive best in damp soil.