The International Space Station will once again be visible from Hampshire this week.

The ISS is the largest Space Station ever built, spotting it is easy and you don’t need any special equipment.

The huge space station is just over 72 m long by 108 m wide and 20 m high and it serves as an orbital laboratory, factory, testing ground and home for crew members.

Travelling at a speed of 17,500mph The International Space Station usually takes around 90 minutes to orbit our planet.

So, if you’re really lucky you can get two, or maybe even three or four passes in an evening.

Of course, it's impossible to see during the day, but at night it takes on the appearance of a bright star moving across the sky.

It goes through periods when we won't be able to see it for months, as its diagonal orbit crosses other parts of the planet, but every now and then, there comes a space of a few weeks when it flies overhead - and at night.

Passes can last a few seconds up to five minutes.

This week, it will make numerous 'very bright' passes which will be visible from the county.

Basingstoke Gazette:

These are all the times to spot the ISS over the next week:

Monday, September 28

7:14 PM lasting 3 minutes at 68° above NE and 10° above E         

8:49 PM lasting 2 minutes at 27° above W and 79° above SSW

Tuesday, September 29

 8:02 PM lasting 3 minutes at 33° above WNW and 27° above E

9:37 PM lasting 1 minute at 11° above W and 19° above W

Wednesday, September 30

 7:15 PM lasting 4 minutes at 42° above WNW and 10° above E  

8:51 PM lasting 2 minutes at 21° above W and 46° above SW      

Thursday, October 1

8:04 PM lasting 3 minutes at 32° above W and 26° above SE        

9:39 PM lasting less and 1 minute above 10° above W     11° above WSW 

Friday, October 2

7:17 PM lasting 4 minutes at 42° above W and 10° above ESE    

8:52 PM lasting 2 min at 15° above W and 24° above SSW  

Saturday, October 3

8:06 PM lasting 3 min at 26° above WSW 19° above SSE.

Sunday, October 4,

7:19 PM lasting 4 min at 35° above WSW and 11° above SE          

8:55 PM lasting 2 min at 10° above WSW and 11° above SW