A brand new school for children with educational needs is set to open in Basingstoke by 2021.

The Austen Academy will be based in Shakespeare Road at the site of the old Chineham Primary School.

Hampshire County Council estimates it will be ready to open by April 2021. 

The school will offer full time education and therapeutic support to 125 pupils aged 4 to 16 years old with additional learning needs.

The council said the school will be there to teach children who cannot be adequately supported in mainstream schools.

A spokesperson said: “We believe all children and young people have the capacity to learn regardless of their life situation.

"It is our role to unlock that learning potential.

"As well as providing the opportunity for young people to achieve academically, the school will provide personalised therapeutic support which will enable children and young people to build the confidence and the emotional resilience they need to manage their everyday lives, and develop the language and communication skills necessary to engage positively in the community and eventually to live an independent life through employment and further education.

"The school will follow the National Curriculum for all age ranges, reflecting our aim to provide a strong focus on academic attainment for all learners.”