Former Basingstoke Town chairman Rafi Razzak has expressed his anger after two planning applications at the Camrose were rejected. 

The Basron chief stated that he believes the recommendation for approval from planning officers means “legally, it is correct”.

Speaking to The Gazette about councillors’ decision to reject Basron’s applications on the historic football ground, the former chairman of Basingstoke Town FC claimed: “I think the decision is so wrong. The councillors and a number of people have said things that are totally inaccurate.”

On Wednesday evening, the borough council’s development control committee unanimously voted to throw out the proposals, which were for a care home and a block of 85 flats.

More than 2,500 people had signed petitions against the proposals while 66 residents who responded to consultations wrote letters in opposition. 

Both applications were rejected on the grounds that the development did not meet the council's CN8 policy - that the loss of the Camrose stadium outweighed the benefits of the development.

Additionally, concerns were raised of overdevelopment of the area and that the proposed mitigation of improvements to Winklebury were not good enough.

Ahead of the critical meeting, Mr Razzak appeared on BBC South Today to defend his intentions.

“My record is clear and my conscience is clear that I have done it for the good of the football club. If today I am blamed for my generosity in what I have done, I feel pity for those people who think that way,” he said.

“It was done without any financial interest apart from the love for the community and the football club.”

But the committee’s decision did not go in Mr Razzak’s favour.

“I am upset. As far as I am concerned, the planners have approved it which means legally it is correct," he said.

“The reasons for the refusals were all based on inaccuracies.

“We will review the decision and, if we feel, we will go for an appeal.”