Musical theatre performer Hannah Lowther was forced to give her up her dream career in a pantomine for a job in a Basingstoke supermarket when the pandemic hit.

But despite panto season being cancelled, the 22-year-old has not let coronavirus get in the way of her passion - or her singing voice. 

Instead, Hannah has taken to social media platform TikTok to merge her life working in Tesco with her love for musical theatre.

After posting a parody of Dolly Parton’s song 9 To 5, she was shocked to receive millions of views.

Hannah created new lyrics and filmed herself working one of her shifts at the supermarket, the viral video has since got 2.4 million views.

She said: “I graduated in July 2019 from the London School of musical theatre and I was just getting my career started when the pandemic hit.

“Luckily, I managed to get a job at Tesco because jobs like that were few and far between when I got it.

“I was missing the creativity you get with performing and have such a passion for it, so I started to make Tik Toks.

"I looked at things in my Tesco job that reminded me of my musical theatre career and it went from there.”

After her first Tik Tok video went viral she began to grow her platform and a recent video has even been shared by ITV’s Rylan from Supermarket Sweep.

Hannah who grew up in Oakley, says she would love to go back to musical theatre once coronavirus restrictions allow it.

She told the Gazette: “It’s a shame that they (the government) haven’t put much thought into theatres I think we’ve been put on the backburner a little bit.

“The arts industry is so massive and musical theatre is a career for so many people, I think people often forget that.”

She has now joined the creators fund on Tik Tok and has gained 50,000 followers in total.

Hannah hopes to keep building the platform up until theatres eventually open their curtains.

“I try to spread a bit positivity, it is so rubbish at the moment and I just use my platform to be funny happy and positive because everyone needs it right now.”

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