A CAFE in Basing View has installed a temperature testing station at its entrance, to help customers feel safer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hartley's Kitchen, which is located at ground level in Belvedere House BizSpace in Basingstoke, introduced the technology in order to remain open in a safe way.

The independent cafe and coffee house, which sells a variety of food and drinks, is also a corporate hospitality company and serves the neighbouring 27 office buildings as well as being open to the general public.

Owner Howard Morris said: “It’s so pleasing to see people returning to their offices with many of our regular faces in this local business community stopping by again."

Speaking of the decision to install the temperature checker, Mr Morris said: "With the government bodies reporting a trend in rising infections we’ve taken extra measures to help to protect our staff and clients by using FeverCheckerPro to check peoples’ temperatures and alert if they are at fever level. At least this way our customers know that they can come here in the knowledge that we are doing our bit to help them.

"The mask detection facility is a useful reminder to all that they should be wearing masks when they enter the café and if they don’t FeverCheckerPro will alert them and politely ask them to wear a mask which helps to keep us all safe."

All of the temperature measurements recorded by the station are retained internally and available for traceability if needed.

"I suspect we are exceptional as one of few businesses in Basingstoke to have this facility” said Mr Morris.