A BASINGSTOKE taxi driver who pulled out at a junction and caused a fatal crash has been jailed for two years.

Jawed Iqbal hit an oncoming motorcyclist after failing to stop as he pulled out of the Ashmore Lane junction on the A30 in Old Basing on January 14, 2019. 

The 57-year-old driver, of Carpenters Close, administered CPR on the biker but tragically, 27-year-old newly-wed Justin Reygers was pronounced dead at the scene.

At Winchester Crown Court today, Iqbal was sentenced to two years in prison. 

The court heard that after an examination of the crash scene, it is estimated Jay only had around five seconds notice of the impending collision.

Evidence showed it is necessary to ‘stop or near stop’ at the junction and Mr Iqbal’s car was still in second gear indicating that he rolled out onto the junction before stopping.

It also was noted that Jay should have been easier to see given that he was travelling with his headlight on at full beam.

An impact statement was read out to that court that had been written by Susan Reygers, Jay’s mum.

She described Jay as her ‘world’ and her ‘future’ and that added that his death had left her ‘whole world torn apart’.

Since his death she has struggled to sleep at night which has left her needing sleeping pills and antidepressants.

His mum told the court: “I feel so lost without my baby boy.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Justin's family spoke of their grief at losing him Justin's family spoke of their grief at losing him

Jay’s wife Laura also had an impact statement read out to the court.

She said: “On 14 January two people died that day. I lost who I was as a person.”

“I have lost my best friend.”

Laura and Jay had recently been married, were saving up for a house and were trying for a baby.

Since Jay’s death Laura has had to give her up her job during what is been the ‘darkest time’ of her life.

She now fears ‘every time someone is late they have died’ and is suffering from anxiety.

Kenneth Rush, Jay’s uncle, described him as a ‘gift’ and added that he was ‘proud to have been Justin’s godfather and uncle’.

Mr Iqbal had a DVLA record with a previous incident of driving without due care and attention for which her incurred a £65 fine for.

He has a history of driving accidents and complaints and was also caught speeding in 2009 and caught driving with a mobile phone in 2007.

The defence described Mr Iqbal as having an ‘unremarkable life’ and a ‘simple individual’.

The judge concluded that Jay was ‘clearly visible’ and Mr Iqbal had a ‘perfectly adequate view.

He described the 57-year-old's driving as ‘driving that falls not far short of dangerous driving’.

He was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and received a driving disqualification.

Jay’s family are planning to spread his ashes on his birthday this weekend.