Last night's milestone decision in the ongoing Camrose football ground scandal was featured on BBC South Today yesterday evening, including an interview with The Gazette's editor.

Speaking on the 6:30pm news programme about the momentous evening to come, Katie French, editor of The Gazette, said: “Tonight’s the last chance really for the Camrose, in many senses. 

“This land was gifted to the town by a wealthy newspaper magnate, Lord Camrose, in 1950, and the fact that he gave it to the town for the purpose of a sports facility I think a lot of people feel, morally, that should be upheld.”

Journalist Matt Treacy also spoke to the Camrose grounds’ owner, and former chairman of the football club, Rafi Razzak, who is behind the proposals. 

“From the outside people will see a wealthy businessman who runs a club and then builds on the site of that club without a new, permanent home being put in place,” he put to Mr Razzak. 

Rafi Razzak responded:  “My record is clear and my conscience is clear that I have done it for the good of the football club. If today I am blamed for my generosity in what I have done, I feel pity for those people who think that way. 

“It was done without any financial interest apart from the love for the community and the football club.

Referencing the decision the councillors had to make, Terry Brown, Chairman of Basingstoke Town Football Club, said: “No council should be responsible for halving their stadium facilities. This is a massively growing town and we should be doubling the stadiums and doubling the astro-turfs we’ve got.

“This is the largest town without a football league club, at least give us the best non-league club you can.”

Presenter Sally Taylor introduced the "controversial" story on the evening programme by stating that the development applications were "likely to be approved" but, by the late news, it was their rejection being reported.

Councillors made the decision to throw out the two applications for the development last night, in a critical meeting of the development control committee.

The applications, recommended for approval by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council's planning officer Sue Tarvit, were for a blocks of flats and a care home on the historic football ground site, built by developer Basron.

Both applications were rejected on the grounds that the development did not meet the council's CN8 policy - that the loss of the Camrose stadium outweighed the benefits of the development.

Additionally, concerns were raised of overdevelopment of the area and that the proposed mitigation of improvements to Winklebury were not good enough.

The appearance on BBC South Today comes after The Gazette's ongoing coverage of the Camrose scandal, including taking a strong position in support of local people's views, and live updates throughout the crucial meeting