SOME unexpected visitors were spotted in Oakley at the weekend. 

The Gazette was sent this video of a large flock of sheep, passing through The Drive in Oakley. 

The video shows the large flock being herded by sheepdogs and farmers, one in a small farm vehicle, through the residential area and was taken around 2pm on Sunday, September 20. 

Car horns can be heard as the unusual site brought the small queue of cars to a standstill, with sheep taking over the road in front of them.

Some of the sheep strayed onto the pavement, grassy verges, and even onto resident drives.

Shocked onlookers watched from the sidelines as the flock were guided along the road. 

The sheep were being moved from one field south of the railway line, to another further north. 

Local resident Christine Wells said: “They came down from Breach Farm, over St John’s Bridge, then half went to the right and the rest decided they liked the look of The Drive.”