One of Britain’s most iconic aircraft flew past a Hampshire RAF base last week to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The Spitfire from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial flight visited RAF Odiham on Thursday evening, as people remembered the landmark of one of the most crucial points of World War II.

The stunning piece of machinery was captured flying over the base at approximately 6.40pm by our Camera Club members, which you can see here.

Spitfires were previously based in Odiham at the end of World War II, which today is the home of the Chinook fleet.

The Battle of Britain was a major air campaign fought in the skies over the UK in 1940 and was the first battle in history fought entirely in the air.

Though the battle took place between July and October 1940, September 15 saw the RAF gain a decisive victory over the Luftwaffe in what was Nazi Germany’s largest daylight attack.

Some 1,120 Luftwaffe aircraft were sent to attack London but were repelled by just 630 RAF fighters and two days later Hitler postponed his plans to invade Britain.

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