A SENIOR official at Basingstoke Town FC fears that Rafi Razzak will not have to find a true, like-for-like replacement for the Camrose ground.

Kevin White says mitigation put in place by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Sport England for the redevelopment of the Camrose - which includes putting another covenant on the ground - means "Razzak has played the game and it looks like he has won".

In measures agreed between BDBC and Basron, and seemingly approved by Sport England, the Hampshire FA complex in Winklebury will be improved to Grade C, but there is no mention of a second football stadium in the town.

Mr White, vice chairman of the community club, labelled the decision to upgrade Winklebury as "great in the short term", but says he is "disappointed" that the long-term ambitions of the club are not being met.

"Unfortunately it is what we know," he told The Gazette.

"They have stayed away from figures and things like that. It is disappointing.

"The emphasis seems to be on Winklebury which is great short term, but can it provide the long term objectives? I'm not too sure.

"This will set a precedent throughout the country. This is not some swings and a slide, this is a football stadium.

"It is not just us that might suffer from it. We would like the council to back us."

Additionally, Basron will need to fund the works at Winklebury, and they will need to commence before the start of the Camrose development and be completed within six months, should planning permission be granted on Wednesday.

The firm, run by ex-Basingstoke Town FC chairman Razzak, will also need to secure a licence to build, and terms of usage, for the club at Winklebury.

There must be 'off-site' financial contributions towards two artificial pitches, grass playing field provision, off-site green space, equipped play and allotments - although there is nothing to ensure that the grass pitch is at the same standard as the Camrose pitch and ground.

BDBC propose that a covenant is placed on the ground, to ensure that Razzak does not develop the stadium until Winklebury upgrades are complete. The council documents state: "There is also a need to have a covenant by the owner within the section 106 agreement that they will not complete the dedication of the land or construct or allow the construction of the access road over the Camrose land until the Winklebury works are either complete or there is a bond that the council can access on default."

The council's communications department told The Gazette that they had not listed specific figures in the section 106 agreement as it is currently a draft, and is subject to further negotiation.