A new cheating map reveals that over 900 people in Basingstoke are having an affair.

The map created by, the UK’s leading affairs dating website Illicit Encounters, shows there has been an increase in people having affairs in Basingstoke despite the Covid crisis.

The figures rose to 931 this year from 858 last year and the website claim the main reason for the rise is ‘lockdown cabin fever’ as people who are unhappy with their partner are now seeking an affair after becoming fed-up being stuck at home.

Illicit Encounters spokeswoman Jessica Leoni said: “We have seen a big rise in cheating over the last year in Basingstoke, even in the last six months covered by Covid.

“This is due to lockdown cabin fever - increasing numbers of people have become fed-up with their partners after being stuck together at home for most of this year and even denied a summer holiday in many cases.”

She added that the ‘Covid fear factor’ decreased at the start of summer as pubs reopened.

“People started dating again and cheating numbers surged as lots of new relationships were forged.”

The figures are based on Illicit Encounters’ own extensive data on the numbers of Britons cheating.
Unsurprisingly London has the highest number of people subscribed to the website with a whopping 151409 people having affairs in the area.

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