We asked our social media readers to share their experience with booking coronavirus tests locally.

Our readers responded to our question on Facebook and told us about the struggles they had had trying to book a coronavirus test for themselves or their family.

Out of the 76 people who told us about their experience just two had managed to get a local test with ease.

Here is what local Basingstoke residents had to say:

Debbie Chandler seemed to have no difficulty booking a local test for herself last week.

She said: “I was lucky went online last Tuesday night and got one for the Wednesday morning at Newbury.”

The only other person to have reported no difficulty booking a test, was Emma Stuart.

Emma Stuart wrote: “We managed to get our son one within 6 hours.”

The rest of our readers however have struggled the days and sometimes weeks to secure either home or local tests.

Tony Reardon said: “Took us about 27 hours to book a test after trying several times an hour over that period. Finally had to drive 103 Miles to Ashford, Kent to have it done... absolute joke!”

Tony said the impact of not being able to book a test was ‘quite stressful’ and that the booking system was ‘just a bit of a shambles’.

Sam Roberts also had trouble with the booking system she said: “Took me 4 days to get a home test for myself, partner and son. Other places suggested were the Isle of Wight or Bristol. All in all my children, myself and my partner will have not been in school and work for nearly 2 weeks due to this. It’s ridiculous as it was clearly a cold.”

Andrew Grygier KT was able to book a test but he had to drive miles instead of being tested locally : “My family and myself needed to get tests on Thursday as my daughter had a cough and wasn't allowed to attend school, we had to drive to Swindon to get tests done as the NHS site didn't offer anything closer.”

When Anna Chapman went to book a test for her one-year-old son the website said the closest test centre was a 726-mile round trip. She joked: “I was tempted to walk that short distance.”

Charley Wakefield had been trying for four days to book a test: “I've been trying since the 10th September. No joy two poorly babies as well. Absolutely disgusting due to the circumstances.”