I am rather surprised that our MP Maria Miller thinks that residents 'deserve better' than to have a morgue placed 'in the midst of the community'.

If you look around the town most of our funeral directors are placed in exactly that, in the midst of the community. Stowells by homes and the Technical College, Alexander & Dry by homes and a car park, Spencer& Peyton by homes and a pub and Jonathan Williams by homes. All doing the same job as a morgue looking after bodies awaiting funerals with dignity and respect.

Surely her energies would be better placed sorting out more Coronavirus test centres for the residents of Hampshire. I thought getting to Newbury was bad enough but according to your article on page 3 people from this area are now being sent to Lee Valley the other side of London for their tests.

If Test and Trace is going to work then we need to be able to access test centres easily. More test centres and people acting responsibly may mean that mortality rates will stay low and we will not need the temporary morgue wherever it is placed.

Pauline Mayer, Frome Close, Basingstoke RG21 4PZ.