Gazette readers have praised Fairfields School for speaking out over the 'testing diaster' that has forced teachers into self-isolation.

The headmistress of the Basingstoke primary school and a year six teacher are currently off work and in self-isolation, amid fears they have coronavirus.

But due to the fact there are no tests available, they are unsure as to whether they are contagious. 

And now Kelly Dillion, the headteacher, the said the school may have to close down entirely.

"If we can't function as a school because we can't get tests quick enough, then we will have to consider closing the school," she told the BBC.

"There are things that need to happen that need people to do those things, especially during coronavirus, like managing the gates and staggered lunchtimes, and if you haven't got a team to do that because they can't get tests quick enough then you can't run a school safely."

Comments of support have flooded in for the school.

One woman wrote: "Well done Fairfields for speaking out on a what is quickly becoming a national problem.

"The goverment and Matt Hancock need to act. They care so much about the economy recovering and making the rich richer, well they can’t do that if schools are closing.

"Wonder why businesses aren’t asking staff to get back to the office. Just disruption after disruption. Joke of a govt."

Another addded: "Glad that Fairfields are speaking out. Absolutely agree with you in all of this. It is ridiculous."

And someone else put: "This is absolutely disgusting and shameful." 

This comes just hours after The Gazette reported how residents in Basingstoke have been unable to get tests. 

Official figures show there have been no new cases of Covid-19 diagnosed in the town though critics have pointed out this could be down to the fact there are no tests available. 

Evangelos Kalavas, chair of school governors, said: "If parents cannot find a test within a couple of days to get a result to send their children back to school, then they will start making different decisions which could potentially put the school and the whole community at risk."

Schools were closed to all pupils except the most vulnerable and children of key workers back in March.

They were reopened to pupils in reception, years 1 and 6 in June, with all pupils returning in person earlier this month.

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