HUNDREDS of young people were spotted using the Leisure Park as a race track last night.

Residents using the park's facilities were forced to call the police after the group descended.

One witness who was there at the time told The Gazette that she was "frightened to death".

Sabrina Hilton, who had been at the bingo hall at the time, said she saw hundreds of people gathering at the facility, and added that she saw vehicles doing wheelies and doughnuts, whilst also being unable to return to her car because of the commotion.

Additionally, she says that some had been using Churchill Way West as a speedway track, between Thornycroft and West Ham roundabouts.

It all happened on Sunday evening (September 13), she told the Gazette.

"We couldn't get down there because the roads were packed up with people," she said.

"They were using the roads as a speedway.

"It was so dangerous that people were frightened. It was scary."

The gathering came the day before the new 'rule of six' laws came into force, which made any gatherings above six people in England illegal.

It was part of the government's response to a rise in the number of coronavirus cases.

"I hate to do it," Sabrina continued, referring to calling the police, "but this was so dreadful.

"I felt sorry for them over the last six months because they have been kept in a bit but this was a different sort of thing.

"You always get one or two boy racers but this was over and above."

Hampshire Constabulary said that they attended at 9.10pm yesterday, when the event was "winding down".

They said that officers attended but did not give any further information.

It comes just days after a group of 50 young people were dispersed by police in Hatch Warren.

A spokesperson for the force said on Friday: “As cases of Coronavirus rise again, can I please ask parents to help your communities by making sure you know where your children are #StayAlert.”