Basingstoke residents react to North West Hampshire MP encouraging the public to report their neighbours for breaking new restrictions.

This morning policing Minister and MP for North West Hampshire Kit Malthouse said neighbours should ring the non-emergency police phone number to report breaches of the new restrictions.

The “rule of six” came into force in England today making any indoor or outdoor social gathering of more than six people is against the law.

If you are caught breaking these new restrictions you face fines of up to £3,200.

We asked our Facebook users if they would consider reporting their neighbours for violating the new restrictions and their opinions were divided.

Here is what they had to say:

Andy Silver welcomed the idea: “Yes, anonymous. Why should they be in a six when the rest of us are not, and besides breaking them up the sooner we can get back to normal.”

Adam Clark also ‘couldn’t wait’ to start reporting people in breach of the rules and Kelly Forsyth joked that she has found a 'new hobby from today'.

Sandi Brewer said she would report her neighbour as too many people are already breaking rules: “Yes I would . Far too many people are flouting the rules which puts us all at risk. The sooner everyone starts taking this seriously the sooner we'll control it.”

Others disagreed with reporting your neighbours or others you see breaking the rules.

 One resident was concerned about those who struggle with their mental health Sarah Hutchings wrote: “Yeah I would love to grass my neighbour up for maybe needing friend or family at a difficult time, maybe causing them to take their own lives, how about keep you nose out of what others are doing that doesn't concern you.

"I’m lucky to have good neighbours we don't live in each others pockets but would definitely be there for one another if needed, what they do or get up to is no concern of mine”

Cleo Prentice thinks reporting people will create a divide: “Let’s create even more of a divide between people and give bigger platforms to the Karen’s off this country. Sounds like a great idea”

Alison Hodgeheg agreed and said: “Such a divisive thing. We need our communities. We need each other. Grass your neighbour? Such sad times we live in. How do you know it's not just one support bubble?”

Antony Oakey added: “Why would you be encouraged to grass up your neighbour...if they want to be idiots and break the law that’s up to them but shouldn’t encourage snitching.”