BASINGSTOKE hospital is unlikely to be re-built using government funds, because there is no space for it to expand, according to a chief medical officer. 

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) has been allocated funds from central government to build a new hospital and is currently holding a consultation on how to spend the money.

It is yet to reveal any detailed options as to where the new hospital might be, leaving residents in the dark over what will happen to Basingstoke hospital, and whether a new site will be in the local area.

Dr Lara Alloway, the chief medical officer for HHFT, has hinted that Basingstoke hospital won’t be re-built using the funds.

Speaking at the trust’s Annual General Meeting, she said the condition of the trust’s buildings, particularly Basingstoke hospital, had become “unfit”, adding: “We don’t have the ability to expand and provide the flexible estate we now need.”

Instead, the trust is looking at the option of creating a healthcare campus.

Dr Alloway said: “We are talking about whether a healthcare campus is something that local people are interested in. Certainly, we can see advantages. There are significant economic advantages to the local area of attracting business.

“We are really keen to expand our research and development capacity. Currently we are really restricted with space. During Covid we’ve done a huge amount more research… so we are exploring the opportunities of a campus.”

Dr Dom Kelly, a consultant cardiologist, addressed concerns around patients having to travel to a new hospital, saying: “Currently we are running two large sites and if we centralise some of our services that frees people up to go nearer to people’s homes.

“So, if I use cardiology as an example, we have transferred most of our cardiac services to Basingstoke. So, if you are unwell with your heart you go to Basingstoke. But if you need to see me in clinic or if you need a scan of your heart, because there are more consultants within Basingstoke, we can go out to peripheral clinics.”

The trust has said that a location for the hospital will be informed by public opinion.

Following its consultation events, a summary of the findings will be released before Christmas, after which a formal public consultation will be held in 2021 on a number of options.

A decision will then be announced as soon as possible, with a view to start building work on the new hospital between 2024 and 2025, ready to open between 2026 and 2030.

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