South Central Ambulance Service has spoken out after an incident saw one of its ambulances crash into a garden wall in Basingstoke last night. 

Shortly after 9pm, an ambulance driver accidentally released the handbrake whilst slipping trying to get back into the vehicle, SCAS said.

The residents living in the property on Wateridge Road in Oakridge described to The Gazette how they heard a loud bang and suddenly an ambulance had ploughed through the garden wall.

Luckily, this stopped the driverless-vehicle from careering through the front of the house.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Basingstoke Gazette:

A spokesman for SCAS said: “Around 9pm last night (Thursday, September 10) a member of our non-emergency patient transport service team accidentally released the hand brake of his ambulance as he tripped getting into the vehicle having dropped off a patient at home.

“This resulted in the vehicle rolling along Wateridge Road, Basingstoke, and damaging a parked car and a garden wall.

“The member of staff attempted to stop the vehicle from rolling but was unable to do so and sustained a serious arm injury as a result.

 “Following the accident, we sent an emergency ambulance and an ambulance officer to Wateridge Road; the member of staff received initial treatment at the scene from his colleagues before then being taken to North Hampshire Hospital for further treatment.

“The Trust will be working with its insurers and the owners of any property that was damaged in the unfortunate incident last night.”

The ambulance knocked over the entire garden wall as well as badly damaging the resident’s blue car, parked outside of the front of the house.