POLICE have said it's "very sad" to see the historic Camrose football ground be targeted by vandals.

The Winchester Road site has become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour since its owner evicted Basingstoke Town Football Club in August 2019, leaving the once-loved site unsecured.

Officers from Basingstoke Neighbourhood Policing Team have been patrolling the old Basingstoke football ground, following numerous reports of anti-social behaviour.

Large numbers of youths have been seen congregating inside the grounds, damaging buildings and leaving behind trails of litter.

Last month, The Gazette reported how a fan heartbreaking toured the grounds to show the mess that has been left by vandals.

The building has been left unsecured by its owner Rafi Razzak and his business Basron since the club were evicted.

A spokesman for Basingstoke Police said very "very sad" to see the grounds in this condition, writing: "It very sad to see such an important area within the local community, that was loved by many people being vandalised and mistreated.

"Officers will continue these patrols and will deal with any offences and anti-social behaviour, if they come across it."