TWIN sisters from North Hampshire are heading for Cambridge to start a new chapter at university after scoring success with their A level results.

Eunice and Kirsty Phillips, both 18, will be heading to Cambridgeshire to read natural science and medicine at their respective colleges at Cambridge University.

The duo collected their results on Thursday, August 13. Initially, Eunice missed one grade and her offering college placed her in a summer pool.

After a long wait and to their relief, she received an email the following night to say she had been accepted into Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge.

She won't be far from her sister, Kirsty, who has been accepted to study medicine at Murray Edwards.

The twins live with their parents Colin and Toyoko Phillips in Little London, near Pamber End.

The girls attended Priory School in Pamber End before going to Kendrick School in Reading.

Their father Colin said: "We are a bi-cultural and bilingual family. They attended kindergarten in Japan when we lived there. We've lived in Little London since our return to the UK in 1994."