Council car parks are more expensive than Festival Place as the hour of free parking is scraped at Central car park and Sunday charges are introduced.

New parking charges mean it is often cheaper to park in Festival Place car park than it is a council car park.

If you are planning on staying in town for longer than 2 hours and less than 7 hours then you can save yourself anywhere from 10p to £7.40 just from parking at Festival Place.

Council short stay car parks charge a whopping £12.40 to parking for more than four hours whereas it costs just £5.00 for five hours at Festival Place.

Evening charges are now in place across all council car parks after 7pm until 8 am and parking in any council car park after this time will cost you £2.10.

Whereas if you park at Festival Place anytime from 5pm - 2am it will cost you just £1.50.

The evening charges have risen over 100% at Central car park in the past year as they increased from £1.00 to £2.10.

Whilst the hour of free parking is still available at Albert’s Yard, Caston’s Yard, Jacob’s Yard and Feather’s Yard, the council recently removed the offer at Central car park. 

A Basingstoke resident said: “[I was] so shocked when I went to pay to realise it's now full price no matter what day of the week you park.”

Basingstoke Gazette: