ASDA has evacuated its customers after a major flooding incident inside the store, employees told The Gazette.

The store, located at Brighton Hill, on Brighton Way, has confirmed that it will be closed tonight (Wednesday, August 12) due to heavy rain seeping through the domed roof and accessing the electrics.

The flood comes after Basingstoke has experienced scorching temperatures over 30C in the last few days.

Drivers were spotted winding down their windows in the Asda carpark and asking staff members why they could not enter the store.

Basingstoke Gazette: Asda staff members gathered after major flooding incidentAsda staff members gathered after major flooding incident

An employee from Asda, said: "We have closed the store due to flooding indoors because of heavy rain.

"Asda will be closed for the night and we do not know whether it will reopen tomorrow morning.

"The water has gone through the domed roof and the rain has gone through the electrics.

"This is the worst kind of flood we have seen inside the store."

Safety checks were conducted by the store manager, and the doors were closed with staff members gathered in a circle inside.