Residents spotted some unusual cloud formations above Basingstoke last night after another day of heatwave temperatures.

The photographs captured by the Gazettes Camera Club members show large distinctly shaped clouds against a clear back drop of sky.

A spokesperson for The Met Office confirmed that theses unusual looking clouds are called Cumulonimbus clouds.

The clouds, which are also commonly referred to as ‘thunderheads’ are a sign that thunderstorms may be on their way.

Basingstoke Gazette: Credit-Joseph JohnstoneCredit-Joseph Johnstone

Thunderstorms typically occur on cloudy days in the UK which means we often can’t see these spectacular type of clouds.

The Met Office said: “Cumulonimbus clouds bring with them heavy showers and lightning.

“These types of clouds have an awful lot of energy stored in them and with that comes the potential for torrential rain, lightning and strong gusty winds.

“If thunderstorms do hit there is a predicted rainfall total of 30- 40mm within an hour and a small chance of 60- 70mm within a couple of hours.

“This amount of rainfall in such a short period of time could lead to flash flooding in the area.”

The Met office has issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms today and tomorrow although further warnings could be issued in due course.

Whilst The Met Office are unable to say for certain when the storms will strike they are most likely to hit towards the early evening.

Basingstoke Gazette: Credit- Laurel Johnstone‎Credit- Laurel Johnstone‎

Weather in Basingstoke today is predicted to be hot and sunny with highs of 33°C.

The good news is that if the thunderstorms occur this evening they are likely to fade overnight.