SOME Basingstoke restaurant business managers have expressed their concern that customers are losing confidence in customers taking advantage of the Government’s Help Out to Eat Out Scheme.

Diners can now get up to 50 per cent off on food and non-alcoholic drinks when eating out in participating restaurants.

The Government scheme to encourage the public to boost the food industry was launched on Monday, August 3.

The discount can be used as many times as diners like, but only up to £10 per person per meal.

An employee of Poppins Restaurant, Ugur Ligdem, 39, from Aldershot, told The Gazette: “Business is still the same as usual but people don’t want to go out because they are scared and worried.

“It’s not safe to go out at the moment, business may pick up but people are losing confidence.”

Store manager, Jay Cripps, 26, of Brighton Hill’s McDonald’s, said: “We’ve had two very different reactions; last week we were packed and this week with all the sunshine there isn’t as many people.

“This week is incredibly quiet.

“Business was booming last week with people wanting to go out. We were busier than we normally were in August.”

Jay believes that business has been quieter at McDonald’s because families are staying at home or escaping to the country.

“Eat Out to Help Out has been really good, last week was a major boost.

“It’s just been very weather dependant.

“With the insane amount of heat, it’s not been as busy in the middle of the day,” he said.

Store manager, Ramesh Vasa, 42, of Burger King in Festival Place, said: “The Eat Out to Help Out is quite good. Business has boosted a lot compared to last week. Around 95 per cent of customers are eating in to get the discount.”