BASINGSTOKE is famous for its roundabouts, but for the people who live here they offer nothing but daily misery.

With more cars now back on the road as lockdown restrictions have eased, the frustrations of driving have come flooding back to many of us. 

Whether it's inconsiderate drivers using the wrong lane or a tiresome wait in a long queue of traffic, the complaints about our roundabouts are endless.

The Gazette has compiled a list of what we think are the worst roundabouts in the town, and we're asking you to vote for your least favourite!

Let us know which roundabout causes you the most misery by voting in our online poll, and we'll name and shame the losing roundabout online.

If you think there are any offenders we have missed, let us know by commenting below.

Winchester Road Roundabout

For anyone forced to use this circle of horror during the daily rush hour, it really is a nightmare to drive around. Impatient motorists insist on using the left hand lane to travel right heading to Brighton Hill, resulting in those who have patiently waited in the lengthy right hand queue being cut-up mid-way round. Be prepared for angry horn beeping.

Black Dam Roundabout

There are so many lanes to choose from, using Black Dam Roundabout can feel like a game of Russian Roulette to newbies.

Then there is the added joy of traffic lights where you have the additional time to worry whether you've selected the correct lane. 

Basingstoke Gazette: Throwback picture of Black Dam undergoing a £11million make-over in 2017Throwback picture of Black Dam undergoing a £11million make-over in 2017

Brighton Hill Roundabout

It's probably the most notorious roundabout in Basingstoke, and is heavily congested no matter what time of day. If you're trying to access the roundabout from Western Way or The Harrow Way then expect a long wait, particularly if you have a learner driver in front of you.

Once you're on the roundabout there's the added challenge of contending with drivers fed up waiting for a space and cutting right in front of you, or those confused by which lane they should use.

The Thornycroft Roundabout

Better known as Morrisons Roundabout, it's terrible for queues in rush hour. And recent roadworks have caused further misery for motorists and cyclists.

Basingstoke Gazette: Thornycroft pictured in quieter timesThornycroft pictured in quieter times

It receives bonus misery points for being a hot spot for accidents, resulting in even longer tail backs when you just want to get home or you're late for work.

Pack Lane Roundabout

It's not an obvious choice, as it's so tiny in comparison to the others. But how many times have you had a three-way stand-off with other drivers here, wondering exactly whose right-of-way it is? It's so small you wonder why it's even there.

Basingstoke Gazette: Small but irritating: Pack Lane's offeringSmall but irritating: Pack Lane's offering

It deserves a place on the list because of its location right before the dreaded Pack Lane speed bumps.