A BASINGSTOKE schoolboy has raised £1,300 for charity by shaving his head.

As previously reported, Joshua Halls, 14, who attends Bishop Challoner School, had been growing his hair for the past four years and made the decision to chop it off to raise money for the Little Princess Trust Charity, who have supported Joshua's little brother.

The teenager said it was a little odd going from long locks to nothing.

"At first it was so strange as my hair was so short that I couldn’t wear hats as it felt so weird, which made my head even colder," he said.

"But now it’s a bit longer and I am now wearing hats pretty much all the time."

Asked how his friends and family felt about the change, Joshua said they have been able to get a bit of fun from it.

"They seem to have liked it and I have gotten some fun nicknames such as 'baldy' and 'egg', but it's all just for laughs.

"I have raised £1385 across both the Gofundme page and the Facebook JustGiving page.

"I will be leaving the GoFundMe page open for a while as hopefully some people will sponsor me when they see me bald back at school."

Search ‘Josh Halls’ Sponsered Head Shave’ (sic) on the Gofundme website to donate.