Plans have been submitted to turn a group of office buildings into homes.

The site off Ashwood Way - known as Ashwood Park - currently consists of three office blocks and would be turned into 133 homes if approval was granted.

One of the planning documents read: "The site is situated within a walk/cycle distance of nearby public transport links, local amenities and employment uses.

"The site is therefore considered to be within an accessible location and well connected by non-car modes of travel, meaning that residents would not necessarily be reliant on the use of a private vehicle for typical day-to-day journeys."

As a result of this, the application states that the 300-odd parking spaces which currently serve the office buildings, would be reduced to 149. The developers would then provide a minimum of 164 "long term secure cycle spaces."

Of the 133 flats, 102 of them would be one bed homes and 31 would be two bed homes.