Basingfield Court Residential Care Home in Old Basing is embarking on ‘virtual’ cruise trips during a summer-long globe-trotting expedition.

Residents and the team are re-creating European holiday hot-spots throughout July and August.

Boarding passes in hand, the passengers of the Huish Lane cruise-liner will be enjoying a virtual holiday of a lifetime, where they will be exploring traditional flavours and cultures of eight far away destinations.

From Italy and Cyprus, to Greece and Turkey, each week the cruise-liner will dock at a new destination, where passengers will enjoy truly-authentic excursions, including Portuguese port tasting and Azulejos tile creating.

Explaining why his fellow cabin crew are pulling out all the stops, deputy care home manager Pawel Wisniowski said: “Not many would believe you can experience genuine holiday moments in a care home, but those people have never been on a Sanctuary Care Cruise. This is not just a holiday for our residents, but also the team. We are bringing the European destinations into our home through amazing food, fun and inspiring excursions, and the cabin crew are playing their part perfectly."