A PRIMARY school near Basingstoke has made sure that its Year 6 pupils were still able to celebrate, despite the current restrictions.

Whilst many primary schools across the country have had to call off their end of term celebrations, Oakley CE Junior were determined to give their pupils the opportunity to celebrate.

With 60 final year pupils currently split across five bubbles, staff had to cast characters multiple times and duplicate props to ensure that social distancing can be ensured during the performance of Alice in Wonderland, which was filmed and shown to the children once edited.

And for the school's annual sports day, there was a more interactive approach, allowing for those kids not currently in school to take part.

To ensure this could happen, the shotput was replaced with the shoe-put, allowing pupils to take part without equipment.

Teacher Yasamin Aldoori said: "They had worked so hard, and then they had everything taken away from them. As teachers we've had to get to grips with a new way of teaching and helping the children. We have focused on the health and wellbeing of the school."