The owners of Tadley Common have been given the go-ahead to install lights and CCTV at a sports area.

Plans were submitted in July 2019 to install 10 lighting columns at the multi-use games area (MUGA) on the common.

The idea received much support, including from Tadley Town councillor Jo Page who wrote: "I believe that the upgrade of the MUGA would be a great asset to the area.

"The young people of Tadley and the surrounding area are in need of such a facility to allow safe and fun play.

"Lighting would make this area a very safe play space and there would be less incentive for those who wish to act illegally or cause trouble. The police/community patrols would be able to monitor the area better if it was lit.

"The lighting design as proposed would not impinge on any wildlife and would ensure that parents would be more assured of their children’s safety.

"The noise level would not be any different to any other play area when in use in summer hours, so should not cause any problem to anyone living close by."

Basingstoke Gazette:

The light locations

The area was originally four tennis courts and in 2008, Turbary Allotment Charity (TAC, owners of the common) were successful in obtaining grant funding from Veolia to upgrade the courts to a MUGA and tennis court. The upgrade to the MUGA was completed at the end of October 2019.

The application read: "We wanted to include lighting and CCTV in the scheme to maximise the use of the facility in the winter months, thereby enabling the facility to be used to its full potential by local community groups and individuals.

"In addition to maximising the use of the MUGA, the health and safety of the users is paramount and the installation of lighting and CCTV will ensure that we meet this requirement."

Addressing the possibility that seven households may face disruption from added noise as a result, the application added: "We should be doing our best to encourage physical activity for our local people not putting obstacles in their way."

Although the case officer dealing with the application recommended that it be refused, the council saw it another way and approved the development.

The lighting shall only be switched on between October 1 and March 31 and shall not be left on between the hours of 9.30pm and 7am.