Police are responding to an incident at Thorpe Park this afternoon.

The tourist attraction, based just off of the M3 in Chertsey, was shut down after unconfirmed reports of a stabbing, The Mirror reports

Surrey Police have been contacted for comment.

Emergency services were called to the scene and witnesses described being locked in the park for two hours while investigations were underway.

Visitors have been tweeting about the incident and describing being stuck inside the theme park while police questioned the crowds and searched cars. 

Jordan Mallett wrote: "Just left Thorpe Park after being locked in there after two hours due to a stabbing, who on earth takes a knife to a family theme park? Strange world we live in."

Thorpe Park Mania, a fan site dedicated to the theme park, said they were saddened and shocked by the news.

Taking to Twitter, they wrote: "Our thoughts are with anyone affected by events at Thorpe Park today - Theme Parks are there for our enjoyment and escape from the real world and we are saddened to hear someone would visit with the intention to hurt others simply trying to enjoying out."

The tourist attraction reopened on Saturday, July 4, after being closed during the lockdown period.

It hit the headlines on Thursday, July 9, when a visitor was left dangling for "20 minutes" due to a technical fault.

A ride at Thorpe Park experienced a stoppage on Thursday, leaving guests “dangling” for 20 minutes as the issue was resolved.

No injuries were reported after the incident, with a spokeswoman noting that Samurai was “back up and running” later on in the day.

A visitor to Thorpe Park, who did not want to be named, told the PA: “One of their rides broke down leaving people dangling.

“The ride was going like normal and then suddenly stopped mid-air. They announced that ride was broken. The queue was evacuated and they were stuck up in the air for around 30 minutes.”

Speaking at the time, a spokeswoman for Thorpe Park said that the ride had come to a stop at 11.08am, with guests allowed off the ride by 11.31am.

“The Samurai ride at Thorpe Park Resort in Surrey experienced a technical problem,” she said.

“This resulted in the automatic fail-safe system bringing the ride to a controlled stop. Experienced resort staff were on site immediately to assist with guest care.

“The health and safety of our guests is our number one priority. No guests were injured.

“We are very sorry for any discomfort our guests experienced during the delay due to the stoppage.”