THE murder of a loved mother-of-two remains unsolved, 29 years on.

Jacqueline Radford was killed in her home in the village of Eversley, around eleven miles northeast of Basingstoke in 1992.

The recently-divorced housewife was found suffocated after being assaulted insider her home.

Despite a high-profile campaign for information, including a segment on Crime Watch, no one was ever convicted.

The programme told how Jacqueline split up with her husband of 18 years around a year-and-a-half before she was killed in April 1, 1992.

According to Home Office figures, only nine percent of crimes result in suspects being prosecuted in England and Wales. The data also suggests that police close almost fifty percent of all cases as suspects have not been identified.

Appearing on the programme at the time, Jacqueline's father emotionally told viewers how the family were close and her children were "everything" to her. 

Detective Superintendent Peter Long also appeared on the BBC programme in June that year, on behalf of Basingstoke Police who were investigating.

Det Sup Long said they were looking to trace a man with a clipboard who appeared outside Jacqueline's home and a woman who was seen parked in a car park, nearby.

The police were also looking for the driver of a brown hatchback car which was seen turning into Jacqueline's driveway.

Officers released a photo-fit of the driver described as having blond, sandy coloured hair and being around 40 years of age.

The day before the incident, the mother had collected her son from school in Crowthorne.

At the time, witnesses reported seeing the driver of a car parked outside the school behaving unusually.

The following day, Jacqueline dropped her children off to school as usual and caught up with a friend over the phone. That was the last time anyone spoke to her. At 4pm, her son was waiting to be collected from school and Jacqueline never arrived. At half past five, the mother was found dead in her home.

The unsolved crime has caught the attention of a blogger who is looking at cold cases in Hampshire. Former air officer Paul Sutherland, 42, said he believed the police weren't thorough enough with their investigation. He has been looking at the case for the last three years and found it odd that Hampshire Constabulary passed the case between departments. Basingstoke Police investigated initially before it was moved to Aldershot.

He said: “Within two years the investigation team went from 35 to just three looking at the case."

Hampshire Constabulary has been contacted for comment.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.