A BASINGSTOKE woman was slapped with a £40 fine after assaulting her husband twice during lockdown, Basingstoke Magistrate’s Court heard.

Defendant, Xiaoliu Zhang, of Churchill Place, has pleaded guilty this morning to two incidents of assault by beating in March 2020, over a row concerning her son returning to China.

The court heard how the couple argued and Zhang went into the lounge, shouting and threatening to take her child back to China, with her husband disagreeing with the course of action.

Prosecuting, Kerry Richardson, said: “She leaned over and grabbed his neck, squeezing it, causing him immediate pain.

“He was terrified and describes her hands being around his neck for a few seconds.

“She slapped him across the face, and it was a squeeze to the neck.”

Mitigating, Miss Seenauth, said: “She lost control and felt subjected to years of difficulty with her husband and took her frustrations out on him.

“Her mental health in March was deteriorating and because of Covid, it has taken four months for the case to go to court.

“She is an educated woman but will not be able to continue her job.

“If it was not for the pandemic, the case would not be here.”

Chair of Magistrate's, Mrs Rimmer, handed Zhang a £40 early guilty plea fine, with a £32 victim surcharge and £40 for the case being heard in court, totalling £112 for the overall offences.